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"AUVERGNE", the wide wild country with its unrivalled sites, natural parks and volcanos, presents : "The Gorgeous Show of Nature".
Entangled in the volcanic mountains, stand the numerous valleys, countless rivers running between steep passes far away sublime horizons from table-lands, all species of trees in the forests all around, animal life and vegetation make the lively show of Auvergne, a unique region for its wild beauty and variety.

# On the North, you will discover the "Bourbon Bocage", quiet and temperate, dotted here and there with clusters of trees, green meadows surrounded by quickset hedges. There, you can see white calves and lambs from our traditional breedings, grazing and frisking about.
The landscape where quietness prevails, has not changed for centuries.
This beautiful country lightly undulated with its wealthy but too often unknown patrimony, deserves all your attention : Roman churches, amazing sites nearby, legendary oak-forests, famous castles.....
The soft and diversified land around is quite adapted for family walks and specially cycle-rides.
Rivers, ponds, clumps of trees are quite favourable to fishing, resting and meditating.
You will find here the ideal place for a relaxed, advantageous and rewarding holiday.

# In the Centre, around Clermont-Ferrand, are the famous spas as "Le Mont-Dore", "La Bourboule" turned to therapeutic prevention and education linked to diet, strain, backache or stress.
Springing-waters lovers will find here water-falls, flowing streams and rapids to quench their thirst for deep emotions. Rafting, canoeing, kayaks, hot-dogs can be practised by the more daring ones, while those who feel more prudent will enjoy themselves in swimming, pedal-boating or rowing on the numerous lakes.

# On the South-East also called "Midi de l'Auvergne", the medieval city of "Le Puy-en-Velay" sets up his "Dykes" (old volcano chimneys) in a surprising and unforgettable sight.
There, the Great History overtakes us with the XIIth century cathedral (one part of the Human Patrimony) from where pilgrims left and still leave nowadays on their way to "St Jacques de Compostelle".
Today this mountainous region spreads over the "Haute-Loire" department. There and everywhere around you will find torrents, waterfalls or lakes. In the "Haut-Allier", the rivers running their way, gave birth to narrow and steep gorges. "La Loire" the longest river in France, takes its rise in the "Mont gerbier de Jonc" in "Ardeche", then it quickly reaches our region where it runs like a torrent through gorges and valleys carved in basaltic stones.

# On the South-West, in the "Cantal" mounts at the very heart of the so-named department, stands there the biggest volcano in Europe. All around, all varieties of landscapes : you will be breathless while gazing at the moon-like atmosphere of the Aubrac high-table lands, the charming pastures of "Salers", the large chestnut-trees forests. The real beauty of the "Abbaye" of "Mauriac" and "Aurillac", is enhanced by these large but often hard surroundings.
The fabulous network of the country lanes called "carraou" has been preserved for the happiness of the hikers.
This traditional agricultural country will offer you its famous cheese : "Cantal" or "Salers" that you can taste in the "Burons" (typical huts), from where the Salers cattle, these big red cows with impressive horns, can be seen.